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IVR Featured Articles

City National Bank Selects Easy Solutions
City National Bank, the fifth-largest Florida-based financial institution with more than $4.9 billion in assets, has selected Easy Solutions to protect its clients throughout every stage of the fraud lifecycle.

Does Your IVR Communicate Like Siri?
If you want great speech recognition, there are a variety of options on the market. Apple wants to corner it with its latest purchase of British speech recognition specialist Novauris Technologies.

SpeechStorm Wins Three Major Contracts
Personalized service is gaining momentum in the industry as the best way to serve the customer. So, companies that provide voice-based customer service are witnessing a boom in their business.

Fortemedia's SAMSoft iS700 Voice Processing Solution is Ideal for PC Form Factors
Sunnyvale, California-based voice processing technology specialist Fortemedia Inc. has announced the availability of next-generation voice processing solution, SAMSoft iS700, which is targeted at all PC form factors.

Fortemedia's SAMSoft iS700 Voice Processing Solution is Ideal for PC Form Factors
Sunnyvale, California-based voice processing technology specialist Fortemedia Inc. has announced the availability of next-generation voice processing solution, SAMSoft iS700.

Emirates ID's Call Center Offers Urdu Option to its Customers
The Emirates Identity Authority's Asian customers can more easily communicate with the call center following the addition of Urdu to the company's interactive voice response (IVR) system.

Interactive Phone Messages Promote Cancer Screening
A study published online by the CDC's Preventing Chronic Disease explores how low-income Latina patients consider interactive voice response (IVR) messages as an acceptable strategy to promote cancer screening.

Spam Calling Has More Costs than Just the Phone Call
The idea of a spam call happening during work hours is infuriating. Spam calls have costs, and a new report makes clear how spam calls have costs for all involved.

IVR Self-Service May be Cheaper, More Effective Than Thought
A recent study showed that IVR systems cost as little as one sixth as much as a call agent, and that IVR menus are very well suited to fit the needs for callers using mobile devices.

OneReach Introduces New SMS Customer Service Solution
OneReach is enabling companies to directly convert incoming calls to text conversations by introducing a new customer service offering called SMS Call Center.

OneReach Announces SMS Call Center Service
More people are relying on their mobile phones, with many people doing away with land lines completely. A Pew Research survey found that 31 percent of mobile phone users preferred using SMS messages rather than talking.

Sharjah Islamic Bank Chooses Servion to Provide CIM Solution
Sharjah Islamic Bank (SIB) has announced that it had selected Servion to customize a customer interaction management solution in an effort to improve its customers' experience.

Frost & Sullivan Bestows Leadership Award
A Customer Value Leadership Award for Best Practices Research on hosted interactive voice response (IVR) solutions has been bestowed by Frost & Sullivan.

Centurion's IVR Enhances Customer Experience at Nicor
By integrating with the Avaya Experience Portal at Nicor Gas, it is expected to help the utility to automate and centrally manage multimedia self service and integrated voice response (IVR) applications.

Call Centers Handling Obamacare Enrollment Winding Down
The healthcare initiative, which relied heavily on call centers to provide consumers with valuable information about Obamacare, is winding down, and many of the centers are shutting down or severely cutting their workforce.

Mobile Visual IVR Gives Customers More Control
New visual IVR has the potential to introduce more options by using smart mobile devices and computers by integrating mobile apps along with the features available on smartphones.

Telerus Acquired by Securus Technologies
It was announced this week that Securus Technologies, Inc. has acquired Telerus, the premier provider of sophisticated automated interactive voice response systems to the corrections sector throughout the United States.

For Call Center Success, Listen to Your Clients
For all the talking everyone does in the call center industry about keeping clients happy, it seems far fewer actually take the time to listen to what the customers are saying. For many businesses, this can be a fatal mistake, because an unhappy customer can quickly become an EX-customer.

Call Her Cortana: Microsoft's Answer to Siri Set to Hit Windows Phone 8.1
Microsoft has been working on its own answer to Siri for some time now, even naming it after one of the biggest elements of one of its biggest video game franchises: Cortana from the "Halo" series.

Breeze: A New App Helps Users Bypass Painful Voice Response Steps
A Bangalore-based team of software developers has designed Breeze, an Android-based app that will let users browse for IVR options on their smartphones and directly dial the selection.

Radish Systems ChoiceView Now on Tropo
Radish Systems recently announced that its ChoiceView True Visual Interactive Voice Response is now available on the Tropo communications platform.

IVR is a Tool: Make Sure You Use it Correctly
Do your customers hate your IVR? Is it a frequent source of complaint? Are too many customers getting “lost” in your menu tree or zeroing out to an operator before they’ve input their account numbers? If you experience these problems, you may think it’s the fault of the IVR technology itself. This is usually an erroneous assumption.

Veracity Logic Expands Support Network in Several Asian Countries
Veracity Logic, a provider of interactive Web and voice technology solutions (IVR/IWR) for clinical trial management, has expanded its support network in several Asian countries, the company has reported.

Interactive Voice Response Solution to Support HomeStreet Bank's Needs
With the help of acustomizable, intuitive IVR solution, HomeStreet Bank will be able to achieve compliance with the latest mortgage servicing regulations.

Mine Customer Data and Info with Speech Analytics
Customer conversations (if analyzed properly) are veritable gold mines that provide valuable insights - but, do the traditional methods of analysis allow that to happen? Not really.

EuroQol Group Approves ERT's VIAPhone
ERT said that its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, VIAPhone has been approved by EuroQol to capture both the EQ-5D-3L and the EQ-5D-5L versions of the quality-of-life assessment.

Survey & Ballot Systems Unveils Phone Voting and Interactive Voice Response Services
Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS), a provider of election services and secure Internet voting systems, has added phone voting and interactive voice response (IVR) systems for its DirectVotePlus line of election services.

Enghouse Debuts New Version of Contact Center Service Provider
Enghouse Interactive, a Phoenix-based developer of unified communications and call center solutions, recently announced the release of version 6.1.2 of its Contact Center Service Provider.

Jtel and ICCC Partner for Next-Generation Contact Center Functionality in Nordic Countries
In an effort to prepare themselves to deliver the best possible omnichannel customer support for customers, many companies are turning to 21st century versions of the traditional ACD and IVR.

Smartphone Users Want the Best of Both Worlds with Voice-to-Text Messaging
Given a choice between the personal touch of voicemail and the convenience of text messaging, smartphone users say they really want both in the form of a voice-to-text messaging system, according to a recent survey.

3iLogic-Designs Unveils Thin Form Factor Embedded Speech Recognition IP Core
3iLogic-Designs, a provider of speech recognition technology, has unveiled SimSim, an embedded speech recognition IP core that enables voice-activated user interfaces in a wide range of consumer devices.

Credit Card Companies: Pay Heed to 'Multichannelism', Recognize Customer Intent
Results of a survey released by [24]/7 showed that fifty percent of survey respondents began their interactions only with a phone call, before moving on to other channels for help.

Total Contact Solutions Sells VOISYS Brand to Digital Marketing Networks
Total Contact Solutions announced that Digital Marketing Networks has acquired the VOISYS brand, an Internet leads and loan-by-phone business of Total Contact Solutions.

Corinthian Colleges Automates Student Tuition Payments
Online post-secondary education company Corinthian Colleges Inc., announced this week that it has implemented an automated payment processing system that allows its students to pay their tuition via phone and an IVR system.

Vocantas' Scaller Solution Integrates Jacada Platform for Visual IVR Capabilities
Featuring advanced computer telephony and speech recognition technology, Scaller makes the ideal solution for educational institutions committed to standing by the students in their times of need and keen on improving student retention.

Mindshare's Comment Poster Says - We Hear You, We're Listening
Mindshare's Comment Poster encourages customers to post comments about their experience, about the services and what in their opinion could be done to improve customer journeys and their aftermath.

Dialect and Accent Are Barriers to IVR Success
No technology in and of itself is bad or evil, but a poorly designed IVR, or the speech recognition technology that underpins it, can be a customer relationship nightmare.

Zappix Solutions Selected by Merchant Warehouse
Zappix, a company that provides cloud-based multichannel cross-OS mobile customer support solutions, recently announced that its Visual IVR and Self-Service mobile app solutions have been selected by Merchant Warehouse.

Rubidium Hits the Jackpot in Embedded Voice Technology
Rubidium has been innovating speech processing solutions for embedded applications with low cost, low footprint, low power, multilingual, market-driven, voice-user interface solutions that are highly flexible.

Cenlar FSB Mortgage Loan Company Embraces IVR Solutions and CTI Platforms
Cenlar FSB, a leading mortgage loan servicing provider in the New Jersey area, has recently revamped the way their calling center works by implementing several new telephony features.

Intel to Improve the Speech-Enabled Personal Assistant by Taking It Out of the Cloud
Customer support centers make some of the broadest uses of speech technology, but the true Holy Grail - natural language processing, or enabling a computer to recognize conversational human speech - has stalled.

See and Say: Text-to-Speech Technology Takes Big Leap Forward
Recognizing the rising prevalence of speech technologies, and looking to boost business and raise awareness, Wizzard Speech, a provider of high-quality and cost-effective text-to-speech technologies, has announced new pricing for the New Year.

USAid Recognizes the Open Institute for Mobile IVR Application
USAid's Regional Development Mission for Asia recently gave its top award to an application developed by the Open Institute that can reach out to voters who live in the remotest parts of Cambodia.

TemPositions Selects Pronexus VBVoice 8 to Develop an Advanced IVR System
Pronexus recently announced that its VBVoice 8 has been selected by TemPositions Group of Companies for developing an advanced IVR system for the company's service staffing agency.

Call Centers Get Smarter with IntelliGreeter
Call centers and other communications-based businesses have enough to deal with in addition to the myriad number of calls they get each day. So a new offering from Intelliverse Telecom might be a welcome addition.

Omanye Money Adds IVR and Text Options for Subscribers in Ghana
Global personal and corporate payment accounts solutions provider Omanye Money has announced it is now offering residents in Ghana the ability to transfer funds from their mobile phones to their Airtel Money wallets.

Collections Firms Should Take Another Look at Today's IVR Technology
For some companies these days, success has come from improving some more traditional channels, like the tried-and-true interactive voice response (IVR) solution. Today's IVRs are not like the IVRs of 10 or 20 years ago.

HSBC Innovates Call Center System with Advanced IVR Technology
HSBC Bank Egypt, a leading international bank in that country, has upgraded its call center system with advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology from HSBC Group.

Customers Are Engaging with Speech-enabled Personal Assistants
It's conventional wisdom that few people like talking to a machine. The fact that it's a staple of comedic movies - a character becoming more desperate as the machine ignores or misunderstands their voice input - shows us how little consumers like the previous generation of voice interaction solutions.

IVR Has Massive Potential for Mobile Customer Interaction
Because mobile technology is becoming so much more popular, businesses are realizing the value of integrating Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to increase customer convenience, and reduce their own overhead costs.

IVR Systems, an Effective Tool for Businesses if Used Correctly
A tool that can be extremely beneficial for businesses (for marketing, sales and support) is the interactive voice response (IVR) system, a fairly new phone technology that allows companies to cut costs by using pre-recorded voice automated phone systems in place of live operators to retrieve and/or provide information or else give responses to queries; the IVR option can "offload" call volume from agents, as per Gartner's explanation of IVR on its glossary webpage.

Cognia's Voice Search to Help Banks Achieve Higher Degree of Compliance
Banks and other financial institutions all over the world are under constant pressure from regulators such as Dodd-Frank-enforcers, the CFTC and SEC, and the UK's FCA, to improve the effectiveness of their financial compliance. Unavailability of voice based search is often quoted as a stumbling block for achieving a higher level of compliance.

Wheelings & Dealings: SinglePoint Partners with Prescott-Clearwater Technologies
SinglePoint, Inc., a state-of-the-art mobile technology and full-service mobile marketing company, has entered into a partnership with Prescott-Clearwater Technologies to launch a mobile ad platform.

Say What? Videogame Demonstrates Advances in Voice Recognition, Simulation Technology
Anyone who has used Siri or the Google Navigation app that comes with Android phones can attest to the improvement of voice technology. Accurately recognizing commands without needing to calibrate beforehand is a big step forward.

Radish Systems' ChoiceView True Visual IVR Compatible with Twilio Platform
Radish Systems has made its ChoiceView true visual interactive voice response (True Visual IVR) solution compatible with the Twilio platform. Radish is a specialist in customer service voice and data mobility solutions, and its ChoiceView is an enterprise solution that delivers mobility, customer service, advertising and enterprise support in a single packaged service.

ChoiceView True Visual IVR for Twilio Platform Announced
Radish Systems, a provider of customer service voice and data mobility solutions, has announced the availability of its ChoiceView True Visual interactive voice response (True Visual IVR) to users of the Twilio platform.

IVR Technology Successfully Mobilizes Grass-Roots Environmental Drive
Interactive Voice Technology recently helped garner people's support in rural India and helped topple a corrupt political force from the power.

Natural Language Processing Market to Grow at CAGR of 21.1 Percent 2013-18
The Natural Language Processing (NLP) software market is estimated to expand from $3,787.3 million in 2013 to $9,858.4 million in 2018, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 21.1 percent, says new research from MarketsandMarkets.

Zappix will Haul You out of the Quagmire of IVR Options
Zappix' visual smartphone IVR is expected to take customer service to a new level of engagement, providing a customer service mobile "Super Directory" app to consumers via an iPhone (iOS) and Android app.

Reviewing IVR Best Practices
Designing an interactive voice response call flow can be more challenging than it might appear at first. While it seems like a relatively straightforward task, and even a fun one, there actually are many pitfalls.

Boost the Customer Experience with Stellar IVR
Interactive voice response (IVR) has the opportunity to wow your callers-or create a wall between them and your agents, effectively angering your callers before they even reach you.

Four Ways to Improve the IVR Experience
While it may be unfair that old technology colors the perceptions about modern IVR, it is the reality and businesses need to understand that most callers are less than thrilled when they hear IVR on the other side of the line.

Five Reasons for Choosing Hosted IVR
The cloud is changing how business is done, with software-as-a-service replacing many IT solutions that used to be done on-premise only a few years ago.

Good IVR Powers up Utility Call Centers
Energy and utility companies have an unenviable task. They're hit on multiple sides with deregulation, the smart grid, increasing customer expectation and the need to continue cutting costs.

Olark Adds Live Chat Support to BeQuick's Fusion Wireless Billing Software
BeQuick Software, a company delivers prepaid customer lifecycle and billing solutions to consumer-focused communications service providers, has announced a partnership with Olark, a live chat application provider.

Argo Marketing Group Announces Addition of IVR Services to BPO Portfolio
While call center outsourcing companies have traditionally taken on just that - voice calls - the needs of most enterprises today go far beyond voice. Smarter business process outsourcing (BPO) has evolved with technology.

Message Technologies Opens New Facility in Florida
Message Technologies, Inc. (MTI), a provider of hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, has announced that its new hosting facilities in Tampa, Florida, are now operational.

Zappix Announces Utility Customer Care App
The Massachusetts-based company, Zappix, has announced that its new enterprise-class Utility, a customer care interactive voice response and self-service mobile system, is ready to go.

Frost & Sullivan Looks at the Future of EMEA Contact Center Systems Market
A recent study by market research firm Frost & Sullivan has revealed that demand for hosted contact center solutions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) is on the rise.

EmLogis Introduces New Mobile Application
EmLogis, a firm that provides employee scheduling and workforce management software, recently unveiled its new Mobile application that offers scheduling and work management capabilities for employees.

ClientTell Unveils BillPay Manager to Address Revenue Cycle Management
ClientTell, which pioneered the hosted model of patient messaging, has announced the release of BillPay Manager, a technology solution that addresses the challenges in revenue cycle management.

Fiserv Intros New Billing and Payment Platform
Fiserv, a provider of financial services technology solutions, has launched the Biller Advantage multi-channel electronic billing and payment platform for small and mid-sized billers.

Getting the Right IVR Outbound Scripts Pays Dividends
In today's competitive business environment, every company is constantly looking to increase its customer base. That's why it's important for call centers to have a good script to increase the chances of attracting new customers.

Philippines Long Distance Telephone Launches Cloud-based Contact Center Solution
The Philippines Long Distance Telephone Company, through its corporate enterprise arm PLDT ALPHA Enterprise, has launched what it's calling the country's first cloud-based contact center service.

Shady Call Recording: The NSA May Evade the Consequences, But Call Centers Can't
Revelations surfaced this week that the NSA skimmed data off the mobile phone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and the French newspaper Le Monde has alleged that the U.S. agency recorded 70.3 million phone calls in France between December 2012 and January 2013.

EHRs to Benefit from New Speech Recognition Solution
There was a time when physicians thought that by deploying EHRs, their work would be cut out for them, but sadly the nature of workflow and internal processes being different in different hospitals, EHRs didn't really live up to their expectations. Instead of decreasing processing times and the duration of hospital visits, it was found that adoption of a EHR system was more a pain than a gain.

Let IVR Smooth Accounts Receivable
There are many reasons why payments reach collections, but often one of the biggest stumbling blocks is avoidance. We're human, and when life gets hard we like to run from our problems.

Natural Language Processing Offers Opportunities, Challenges
Machine languages traditionally have very clear-cut commands that access the information or services that users want, and trying to bridge the gap between the two concepts can be difficult.

Natural Language Processing Technology Adoption on the Rise
A competitive landscape and the pressure to differentiate coupled with "the anywhere, always on" mentality", has challenged organizations to push themselves to the forefront of groundbreaking technology such as natural language processing (NLP) that enhances the customer experience and operational processes.

Plum Voice Clears Level-1 Compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards
Plum Voice recently announced that it has cleared Level-1 compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). The PCI Level 1 clearing comes after the annual audit of the company conducted earlier this year by a PCI-qualified security assessor (QSA). Plum voice is a leading provider of PCI-compliant IVR Solutions for the Payment Card Industry.

With the Acquisition of Echopass, Genesys Positions Itself at the Top of the Cloud Call Center Market
While many contact centers have moved to the cloud to boost quality and keep costs under control, the cloud-based contact center solutions market had remained rather segmented by customer size: enterprises turned one way for solutions, and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) turned another, and there was little cross-over between the two market segments. As the cloud call center industry matures, however, we have seen a number of mergers and acquisitions that appear to be leading to the rise of cloud-based solutions providers who have something to offer customers of all sizes.

IVR Technology Can Put a Layer of Security Between Customer and Agent
In light of the constant stream of news regarding the theft of personal information of individuals interacting with contact centers, many companies have tried to boost security on sensitive customer data.

Ifbyphone Launches New IVR Solution
In the enterprise world, building a better Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution tends to lead to building a better company.

Radish Systems ChoiceView Visual IVRs Available on Avaya Portals
Radish Systems, a provider of mobility solutions for customer service, announced the availability of the ChoiceView "Voice with Visuals" capability on Avaya Portal platform, including the Avaya Voice and Aura Experience portals.

CareTouch Communications to Demo its CareTouch360 Platform at Medtrade
Technology can help in managing patients care. By having a patient's documentation readily available, providers can improve patient care, resolve claims issues faster, better manage adherence to therapy and ensure patients have the supplies on time.

CareTouch Communications to Demo its CareTouch360 Platform at Medtrade
The CareTouch360 platform automates and simplifies patient management from intake or setup through life of service, engaging with patients through their desired method of communication, including IVR, live call, e-mail or web.

Do the Right Thing: Treat Customers Like the Important People They Are
Proactive customer service - anticipating what the customer might need and providing it - is a trend more businesses are trying hard to follow.

Garaventa Enterprises Cleans up its Payment Process
Customers of Garaventa enterprises can now pay their sanitation bills via anew IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. Broadly speaking, anything that is automated over the phone is IVR.

Health Diagnostic Laboratories Selects Genesys for IVR Appointment Scheduling
Health Diagnostic Laboratory (HDL) has selected Genesys Outbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology for a Software as a Service scheduling system regarding healthcare appointments.

Health Diagnostic Laboratory Adds Genesys Solution to its Appointment Scheduling Platform
Missed appointments are a common problem in the healthcare industry, which causes lost revenue that cannot be recovered. Understanding this, Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. recently selected Genesys Outbound Interactive Voice Response technology for its SaaS-based appointment scheduling system.

Ingredients of a Successful Telephone Payment System
When a customer uses the IVR system to make payments or get the information they want, it reduces the need to have an employee to service that customer.

Genesys Recognized for Continuing Success in the Contact Center Systems Market
Genesys provides cloud-based call center solutions that help companies engage in productive conversations with customers and deliver the best customer service by leveraging the power of the cloud.

Some Indian Banks Now Charging for Calls to Customer Service
Some banks in India have started charging their patrons for using customer care to answer questions that could have been answered by their IVR system.

Voila Inks Deal with Drishti to Bring CloudSDP
The Indian enterprise market is seeing a significant growth in terms of adapting technologies that help improve efficiency and productivity. High potential is seen for call center solutions over a hosted platform for various industries like telecom, hospitality and travel, healthcare, entertainment and logistics, and there is a specific focus is on machine to machine (M2M) applications and process flow simplification.

Charge! India Bank Customer Service Rep Calls Are Going to Cost
Several banks in India are starting to assess charges for customers to talk to a customer service representative if an IVR service was available.

Lord Ganesha Speaks Though IVR
This widespread popularity of Ganesha Chaturthi in India makes this his annual celebrationthe best time to capture the interests of the local population. This is exactly what a social enterprise called Recyclekaro has done.

IDC Names Genesys as APAC's Top Contact Center Provider
International Data Corporation has positioned Genesys as the top contact center provider for the Asia-Pacific region in its recently released report, "Asia/Pacific Contact Center Vendor Shares 2012 Steadfastly Revolutioning." Genesys is a provider of customer engagement and contact center solutions.

Empirix: Lack of IVR Systems Testing and Monitoring Affects Customer Services in Contact Centers
New research from Empirex documented the percentages of companies that actively commit to assuring CSS quality, and ways they measure and test their customer satisfaction and services.

End the Struggle of Incorrect Transcription with Spellex Dictation
Poor spelling and grammar are frowned upon and are sure ways of turning off the reader, especially in healthcare, legal and bio-scientific fields, where fast and accurate dictation helps save time and improve productivity.

Product Support Solutions Records Stupendous Growth in First-half of 2013
Product Support Solutions announced a record growth in its sales and revenues for the first-half of 2013. The company recorded a growth of 8 percent in sales bookings and a growth of 6 percent in revenue. These numbers mark Product Support Solutions' unprecedented growth factor recording an all time high as compared to the sales and revenue figures for the past several years for the same period. The projections for the second-half of the year also look extremely healthier for the company.


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